Practice Areas

Defending Against
Serious Allegations

I handle the full range of criminal offenses in the state of Georgia, from murder and DUI, to sex offenses and drug crimes. I am committed to defending men and women charged with felonies and misdemeanors, including:

  • Murder — including manslaughter, malice murder, felony murder, negligent homicide and vehicular homicide
  • Theft — such as robbery, armed robbery , burglary, shoplifting, theft by taking and theft by receiving
  • Sex offenses — such as child molestation, rape and aggravated sexual battery
  • Drug crimes — such as drug possession, manufacturing, distribution, and drug trafficking
  • Assault and battery — such as domestic violence, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, child abuse and elder abuse
  • DUI —involving license suspension, license revocation, vehicle forfeiture and administrative hearings
  • Traffic tickets or moving violations — such as speeding, reckless driving,driving with suspended or revoked license and running stop signs
  • White collar crimes — such as corporate theft, mortgage fraud, financial fraud, state RICO, embezzlement and employee theft

As your criminal defense lawyer, my role is to challenge every aspect of the state’s case against you. I am committed to leveling the playing field against you through carefully examining the evidence and holding the state accountable to its burden of proof. I will take the time to listen and understand your story, needs and goals, while explaining the legal process, your rights and potential outcomes. You can feel confident that I will be your dedicated guide and advocate at every step.

I will work hard to explore all available options to resolve your case with minimal consequences. Where applicable, I will push for alternative sentencing options, such as diversion or restitution, which may allow you to avoid being adjudicated guilty.

You can be assured that as an experienced litigator who is comfortable and confident in the courtroom, I am fully prepared to take your case to
trial if necessary to protect your best interests.